iOS Wireless Download & Installation

This service is only available to users with a valid Penn State Access Account. 

If you have navigated to this page using a browser that opened automatically when you connected to wireless, you may have a problem downloading the configuration file. Please connect to a different network, such as the cellular network or attwifi, open Safari, navigate to and complete the installation.

Please note that iPod Touch users will need to make sure they have firmware version 3.0 installed prior to downloading and installing the Wireless client.

  1. Download the Penn State configuration file or the Eduroam configuration file.

    Note: Eduroam should only be used if you are visiting a participating University outside of Penn State. All users on a Penn State campus should use the "Penn State configuration file."

  2. Select Install from the install profile prompt.
  3. Select Install Now from the warning prompt.
  4. Enter your Penn State Access Account.
  5. Enter your Penn State Access Account password.
  6. Click Done from the profile installed prompt.

NOTES:  The first time you connect using the Wireless, you will be asked to accept a certificate. Click Accept.